Candle FAQ

What is your location?
Our classroom is located inside our workshop in Schaumburg.
502 Morse Ave. Ste F
Schaumburg, IL 60193

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What is this class about?
Each guest makes a 16oz (that's one pound!) candle from all natural soy wax, their choice of scents, color and decor from start to finish.

Why soy?
Soy is an all natural option that is both eco-friendly and completely sustainable.  Our soy is grown right here in the US and provides a healthy substitute for fossil fuel (petroleum) based waxes like paraffin.  Soy burns clean without soot, and at a lower temperature, so ounce for ounce it burns longer than paraffin.  Finally, soy is completely biodegradable leaving behind nothing but a recyclable or reusable jar and lid.

How many scents do we have?
Typically we have 24 scents at least to choose from, with more being added regularly.

How many colors do we have?
Typically we have 10 color chip choices on hand to choose from, or choose our favorite, au natural for that clean off white color.

How long is this class from start to finish?
Classes usually start within 15 minutes of call time and will typically run somewhere between 2-3 hours.  For those with limited time, the class can be completed in as little as 2 hours, just let your instructor know you're in a hurry and we'll get you started first!

How long is the classroom open?
While the classes may wrap up sooner, the classroom space will be open and available for at least 3.5 hours after start time.  At the instructors discretion, classes may be kept open up to 4 hours.

Are there rules to the BYOB classes?
We consider BYOB privileges just that, a privilege.  We ask that if you choose to drink, you do so responsibly.  This class and the process of making a candle will have some dangerous steps when melting the wax, and we expect guests to maintain reasonable behavior for such an environment.  Please note, if you or anyone in your group becomes unruly, which is state of behavior completely at the discretion of the instructors and staff, you and possibly your entire group will be asked to leave.  These are fun classroom events with light social drinking, we are not a bar, pub, tavern or anything of the such.

What all is included in the class?
Along with a full lesson on how to make soy candles, any candles you make will be ready to take home by the end of the class. 

Can you make additional candles?
Yes, we do allow guests to make up to two (2) additional candles for $22.00 each.  This price is exclusively reserved for guests making their own additional candles.  Please note, additional candles may be limited by time, inventory or class size, and will be available in a class by class situation at the instructors discretion.  While we would love for every guest to make 3 candles each, we want to make sure there is fair shares of instructor attention and time for each student.

Is there discounts for groups?
Yes, we have discounts available for groups of 6 or more.  Please contact us here for rates & reservations.

Do we host private events?
Yes, if you have a group of 12 or more, we can host a private event in our workshop space exclusively for your group.  Currently, we are hosting classrooms of 20 guests or less.

Is there any allergy concerns?
We use soy wax as the main ingredient for our candles.  Depending on your scent of choice, you may come into contact with a variety of essential oils of varying ingredients.  This class also takes place in our wood workshop, where lumber is stored, processed and cut regularly. 
If you are allergic to Soy, the types of concentrated ingredients typically found in many essential oils or various wood species this class is not recommended. 
Most guests find the space more than comfortable, especially considering the short time the class runs.

Is the classroom heated/air conditioned?
The space is somewhat raw as it is a workshop, but is always heated to a comfortable temperature when its cold outside.  The workshop is not air conditioned, but with most classes during evening hours, the temperature is usually comfortable.  Our front store is also air conditioned during the summer if you need to take a break and cool off!

What is proper dress attire?
We recommend comfortable casual clothes.  Most will find they can make a candle without any mess, but if you are more prone to messes, we recommend bringing a shirt or outfit you don't mind getting dirty or possibly staining.  While candle making can be done in just about anything, we recommend something you feel comfortable wearing.  If you are concerned with burning yourself on hot wax, we recommend full length attire and closed toes shoes for extra precaution.

Is there an age limit for this class?
Currently we ask that only those over the age of 18, or minors age 16 & 17 with accompanying adult attend these classes.  We reserve the right to ID guests when they choose to consume alcohol on premise.

Will there be any classes for children under 16? 
We are currently gauging interest in classes for younger students, if you're interested please let us know by contacting us here.

Have any other questions, comments or concerns?  Contact us here.